11 Feb 2017


I'm tired.

When one person is grumpy (in this case AMI due to lack of sleep and taking the children's behaviour too much at heart, as if he is their age group) everything else is so difficult to explain. The children don't know what is weekend sleep in. It's tiring to have a grumpy husband and children that don't sleep in on weekends.

In the afternoon we went to Playland to play in the snow covered park. The snow was fluffy because it snowed again. I managed to go on the tipi styled slide. At one point I thought I couldn't do it but AOI was behind me saying "I know you can do it mummy." 

We all needed to be in the open air. AMI did a bit of cross country skiing. We returned home happy and ready for a cuppa of hot chocolate.

This week's news links:

Headline North Korea 'conducts ballistic missile test' and all the above vanish. 

I also read how during this week Piers Morgan and JK Rowling in furious Twitter row over Donald's Trump travel ban, that made things a bit lighter because this is where our world is heading, serious matters are jokes.

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