6 Mar 2017


  • Escaping his mamarazzi mamma "NO MORE PHOTOS!" But he was laughing so I kept clicking and laughing together.
  • "Do you like my feet?" he is a comedian :)
  • At the library she chose some indigenous books. I really want them to know First Nation culture so I started reading books that are written  by First Nation and now she picks them by herself when she is there with her dad. Teach them young because they are like sponge and absorb a lot.
  • We went for a walk by the river and explored the area. He is calling his sister, because she is the only one he listens to when they are playing.
  • Then we went to the conservatory and the flowers are in bloom.
  • He is always playing and pretending to touch this prickly cactus (His dad did the same thing, without know about this photo, few days later. Like son like father)
  • "This place is so chic, I like the detail on the chairs." she said this and had me with eyes wide open, where does she get this type of vocabulary? She is very attentive to words.
  • The muddy zone, their favourite spot.

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