20 May 2017


 I don't know when or how TOI's love for banana bread began but it did and around this time of year he starts asking for banana bread. We've be baking together for the last year or so, he would probably be able to tell you what is needed in the recipe because it's so simple.

Well today I'm sharing the recipe and I hope you try it and like it.


1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup xylitol sugar
3 bananas
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

Preheat oven at 350ยบ
Step 1 Mix flour, baking soda and salt (set aside)
Step 2 Mash the bananas, add sugar and oil
Combine step 1 and 2 
Oil parchment paper and place bread baking tray
Put in the oven and let bake for 50+minutes until the inside is well bake, barbecue stick should come out dry

Serve warm

12 May 2017


  Look at his eyes, don't mind my unflattering self lol, lol

If I let what the mirror told me at the time about my body I wouldn't be here looking at these photos with loving eyes. I am not as big as I thought at the time.

I'm writing this because us mothers are so harsh on our appearance. We shy away from the camera  because the mirror tells us all the negative things that we end up believing but that are far from the truth.

Our children are growing, their personality and silliness.

For instance my children are at a stage where they are more opinionated, and they find funny saying hundred times bottom or potty. This silliness is giving me headaches but I flashback in time and go dovey eyes because look at them, how cute are they.

So for this mother's day and beyond let's step in front of the camera at least once a week, with our without our children. Do self portraits, selfies, ask your friends, your better halves or hire a professional photographers to document your motherhood journey.

Let's tell our story to glorify our Father.

2 May 2017


Before I was in bed for my worst flu in ages. Losing my voice, coughing and cold.

 Feeding the bird that kept flying away because the boy wouldn't stand still

 Spring still shy
 Taking a break from the hike to get the sand out of the rain boot

Me:"Can I take a photo of you?"
Him: "No, I can't stop. I'm busy." he was helping his daddy renovate the laundry room

He took his duty very seriously.

She was the first to come down with the flu

Uncle always on call for reading a books

  Visiting our beautiful city

May, just a month short from half of the year.
I have done a lot but still in a worldly sense I've done nothing much. But I'm grateful for where I'm right now. My younger brother came for a visit the whole month of April. We all had a blast having him over and the children got on very well with him. We didn't much because during and soon after the Easter break we were all ill. I was ill the last week of the month, I was so destroyed as never before.

For May, though I predict another busy month, I pray God to gift me wise words to write for a better content in my next novel. To edit more photos and organize for our summer trip.
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