12 May 2017


  Look at his eyes, don't mind my unflattering self lol, lol

If I let what the mirror told me at the time about my body I wouldn't be here looking at these photos with loving eyes. I am not as big as I thought at the time.

I'm writing this because us mothers are so harsh on our appearance. We shy away from the camera  because the mirror tells us all the negative things that we end up believing but that are far from the truth.

Our children are growing, their personality and silliness.

For instance my children are at a stage where they are more opinionated, and they find funny saying hundred times bottom or potty. This silliness is giving me headaches but I flashback in time and go dovey eyes because look at them, how cute are they.

So for this mother's day and beyond let's step in front of the camera at least once a week, with our without our children. Do self portraits, selfies, ask your friends, your better halves or hire a professional photographers to document your motherhood journey.

Let's tell our story to glorify our Father.

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  1. You are beautiful. Love the pictures! Happy Mother's Day :)


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