7 Jun 2017


TOI woke up at 5:30am, too early for Vancouver time zone but okay for Saskatchewan time zone. AOI slept thirty minutes more. 
AMI was sleeping in a different room because we couldn't book a family room. I went to check if he was okay. He was having a lie in. When he woke up he prepared us breakfast and after the children were fed he took them to explore the premises. I got myself ready for the day in the meantime. 
When they came back we decided to do a proper food shopping. It was so hot at 10am. First we had snack at the McDonald at the university village. 
After that we found some shops just off Allison road and bought some food for the week. We did a quick detour through the affluent neighbourhood with beautiful houses and flowers trees that reminded me of some houses in the affluent neighbourhoods in Ghana. There was an open house so we went to view. It was priced $, just for the plot because the house itself needs some work. On our was back we saw that there was an event at the university swimming pools on campus so we went to watch the competition. 
After some time we decided to go have lunch. Once at home AMI made spaghetti, tomatoes sautéed in margarine with bacon. After that the children and I stayed in AMI's room to tidy up and load up the dishes whilst he went into our room to get ready for an impromptus presentation on career in academia. He went to the conference around 12pm. 

Around 1pm I decided to go for another exploration around campus. We started off going to 18th floor to enjoy the spectacular views! Once back on the ground we turned right in the compound and the children found a little hole that their pretended it was a dinosaur excavation. TOI said he's a scientist. They played in the dirt for a while then we carried onto the Education Building just opposite the studios. We walked just onto the bus stop through the trees that surrounds one of the residence trees. It was very hot and TOI was getting red faced and thirsty so we returned home. They watched some of their favourite shows on treehouse (a treat because we don't have tv at home just Netflix) and later had snack. 

Our last exploration was behind the studios, where my room's over looks. 

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