31 Jul 2017



I have failed miserably in this sabbatical life updates. One of my friends asked me how was I going to be able to travel a lot and write a lot. I had in mind help from my in-laws but I didn't put into consideration the fact that them too have their own life to live and the children will need me more because we are not in our normal everyday life.

For instance currently my father-in-law is the only one who can go for walks and take the children with him from some minutes.  My mother-in-law had a knee surgery, she is on the mend. So she can't do much just the quick walk in front of the house. I'm grateful to the help but that got me thinking that after all on this sabbatical I'm on my own. The children seek my attention and when daddy's around they want all of us to be together and when daddy has to work because he has deadlines I have to take them out to explore or supervise as their play.

I've been writing detailed journal entries of our big WORLD adventure offline. I also do daily IG updates so I figure I can do flash monthly updates. I want to start writing thought provoking pieces for this ol'blog of mine as I used to do.


So, how has my first month on sabbatical year been?

Little girl went to meet and greet her teacher and class mate. She seems ready to embark on this journey of first grader. I'm worried the period of her seeking her independence will start from September because she didn't cry when I left her there in the morning. I know she won't cry because now she knows how to comfort herself if she really wants to. However, we might have after school grumpiness. I can't assume too much but just wait to see. I took the children alone to London to visit their cousins. It was a fun visit, I love how when they know that they're at a family members' house they relax, I don't like the fact that within that relaxation they become loud and sometimes naughty, never want to hear the word stop! We visited London, enjoyed catching buses and trains. They learnt how hectic life in London is. I went back to London when AMI returned from Canada to officially begin his Sabbatical year. I visited more family members and searched for an apartment for G.

Until next update enjoyed these photos.

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