22 Mar 2017


After the blizzard of some weeks ago, this week started with melt and freeze. Well, the children are having a blast between mud and ice rink! Little boy said "Christmas is gone because there is no more snow."
"No, Christmas is about snow. Winter is gone, in winter in some part there is snow. Now is spring." So sweet.

16 Mar 2017


As usual we started the day in the hotel, playing with all the gadgets available to use.

I have to declare @HotelZephyrSF one the best hotels I've ever stayed in my travels (I'll do a thorough review, hopefully before the end of 2017).

After lunch we took the cable car F to Market St. there we exchanged for bus 6, which took us to Cole Valley, my favourite neighbourhood in San Francisco.

It was time for snack so I treated the children to an ice-cream in the Bar-Gelateria in Cole Valley. After that we walked to the higher point towards our destination (Twin Peaks) and waited for the bus. We stopped too early so we ended up exploring Corona Height.

We saw many dog owners walking their dogs so the children took stones, pretending they were their dogs.

15 Mar 2017


This is a series to get to know each other a bit better that just the lady or gentleman behind the square.
I have decided to combine these two questions.

So what makes me cry for joy. Lord overfills me with abundant love. A healing love, a love that wipes all of the pain that I once cried for. So the answer for the second part of the question is I don't cry any more for pain.

I don't have any pain in my heart to cry for. My Lord is such a wonderful saviour and He fills me with tears of joy. I only cry for how blessed I am, my life is precious since I woke up in Christ. To have a beautiful foundation like Jesus, is to work within myself to build a house that my Father is proud to live in.

#toilifeofus  #toicommunity #toilifechallenge

Question: What Makes You Cry For Joy/What Makes You Cry For Pain?


If you want us to get to know each other just start from here.



The snow fell on Sunday.
We all, at least I, thought it was going to be the usual fluffy spring snow but it was a proper blizzard. It was fun to watch the children play in it. They said "It's Christmas time again but Santa is not coming this time."

13 Mar 2017


Hope your weekend was cheerful :)!

Little girl went to a party on Saturday, that was the most busy activity we did this weekend. We took it easy after few hectic weekends.

I haven't been reading the news so I haven't done the weekend links in a while, maybe I will start next weekend.

Well, hubby showed this video to me and it could be me whenever he is on a conference call.

Prof Kelly's kids & a history of funny TV #fails

9 Mar 2017


When I want to treat myself I go for the cup of hot chocolate. Also it's not pictured but I looooove cheesecake for my dessert.

If I want to be good to my body then I can go for cheesecake and a glass of water.

#toilifeofus  #toicommunity #toilifechallenge

Question: What Is Your Favourite Dessert/Drink?


If you want us to get to know each other just start from here.

6 Mar 2017


  • Escaping his mamarazzi mamma "NO MORE PHOTOS!" But he was laughing so I kept clicking and laughing together.
  • "Do you like my feet?" he is a comedian :)
  • At the library she chose some indigenous books. I really want them to know First Nation culture so I started reading books that are written  by First Nation and now she picks them by herself when she is there with her dad. Teach them young because they are like sponge and absorb a lot.
  • We went for a walk by the river and explored the area. He is calling his sister, because she is the only one he listens to when they are playing.
  • Then we went to the conservatory and the flowers are in bloom.
  • He is always playing and pretending to touch this prickly cactus (His dad did the same thing, without know about this photo, few days later. Like son like father)
  • "This place is so chic, I like the detail on the chairs." she said this and had me with eyes wide open, where does she get this type of vocabulary? She is very attentive to words.
  • The muddy zone, their favourite spot.

3 Mar 2017


Maybe I shouldn't really look at these photos because they remind me of how fast my children are growing.


Today little boy wanted me to stay with him at preschool because he was scared of one of the children hitting. I did stay with him and he was so happy. Caring and wanting to share and sit with me. He does need his mamma.

In the afternoon we went to a cafe and my little girl who was throwing some tantrums before we left the house said "This place is so lovely. I like the chairs." she is so careful at details.

Yes, they are growing but they will always be my babies
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