16 Jan 2018


Summer 2017 in London you say? Yep, I have long overdue posts that I have to share, so I thought it's never too late.

I had all the best intentions in this world to write each time I'm travelling to the destinations on my list during this sabbatical year but life must be lived. So after a long day of exploring, taking care of the children and relaxing, it was difficult to do much travel updates. INSTAGRAM is the best place to keep yourself up to day into glimpses of our life.

So back in July, on the third week of our sabbatical year abroad (because now we call home Canada), being in UK I had to go see my nephew that I haven't seen since he was born and my niece whom I last saw in 2009. All the children were excited to meet each other.

One day I booked a megabus ticket and together with the children, AMI was in Canada for that week, we went to London. We were hyped. My father in law as always commented on my travelling arrangements because he thinks I carry too much. I only had one two little suitcases and three backpacks.

We took the bus which was exciting for the children because they haven't been on a bus in such a long time. We travelled all the way to Thamesmead, where my sister in law met me at the train station. It was tiring but the children were amazing. They are truly the best travellers.

The following day we planned a day trip to central London. First stop was London Eye. Then Buckingham Palance via St. James Park, we walked past Westminster and through the change of guards field. We concluded our trip at Trafalgar Square. The funny thing is we took some photos on the lions, the girls sat on it, but we didn't set the camera properly.

The birth of the fake bloggers, lol!

15 Jan 2018


My heart cries, but it rejoices to see your personality bloom. 

4 years old, a world traveller, a clever boy who is accepting that your he is a masterpiece created by God. I'm proud of you, of the little loving person you are. You can be naughty, especially when you want something and start crying your fake cries that turn into a laughter a second later.

I've been so nostalgic since the second week of the month, thinking this day is approaching. The year has rushed a bit. I'm stuck in time a bit, especially I can't believe that you're four. Over the time we've been living away from Saskatoon (since July), you've turn into a proper big boy. One of your favourite word is actually. I wonder if you will start behaving differently though I don't think so because I was looking through old photographys and you've changed in size but you are always your old lively, shy guy.

I pray God will keep you under His everlasting blessings.

12 Jan 2018



WEEK 2 of 2018

This week AMI was away for a work trip in Cyprus. The day after he got there he said we should add to the list of places to visit few days later he said there are other interesting places visit. Well, Cyprus was not on my list so I wasn't hurt.

Suddenly TOI is scared of monsters.

For instance to go to the toilet he asks me to sit in front of the bathroom door (opened) so I can looked after him. One morning I was reading messages on my phone when he came to say he needed to go. I told him to go. To which he said "Why don't you come sit by the door? It's better than sitting in bed with your phone." I looked at my invisible self as I thought about this clever little boy who is about to turn four in few days. He answers for everything.

Five minuted before we leave the house and he get water on his school uniform. "Why did you do that?"
"I don't like green trousers. I just like blue and black. I didn't want to wear is the shirt." He said smiling his pulled the lips tight fake smile. I was fuming, so frustrated I was avoiding his eyes. "You won't be cross with me when I turn four."
"I like you TOI, it's your behaviour that gets me frustrated" I explained what has becoming a vintage record. He looks up and his deep sweet brown eyes get me.

Sometimes he says "You are the best chef, doctor

AOI was very pleased with her mood.
On our way to school, on Monday, she looked up at me beaming. She said "I haven't cried at all today. I'm so happy."
"I'm happy to see you happy." I smiled back at her stroking her sweet porcelain face, round cheeks that remind her each day of the little girl she used to be.

That night they kneel down to say their prayers.

I know God is working through them. On Tuesday TOI asked me "Who is belly were you in?"
"My mother."
"And who is belly I in?"
"I was a seed, Jesus created me."

For sometime I've been reminding them of the fact that they are God's masterpiece, created with created purpose."

 I PRAY FOR LORD TO KEEP BLESSING THE CHILDREN so they will know Jesus and He is unconditional and conditional love.

11 Jan 2018


The current issue about why H&M shouldn't have used a black boy to model a printed hoodie with COOLEST MONKEY IN THE JUNGLE slogan makes me revisit old posts about race relations on the blog. It fuels my passion about this issue.
My skin became a tool of derision. The girls were envious because I don’t have hairy arms. The guys and some other people out of school called me all kind of degrading names just for their own amusement. Simple words as: Kaffir, negra, imbianchino (literally translated white-washer), pipistrello (bat), mora (dark girl) and when they wanted to be friendly they called me bella moretina (beautiful little dark girl). I didn’t even know the meaning of some words until I went home to look in the dictionary. Their words made me wonder would I still be beautiful if I wasn’t mora? Am I beautiful because I am mora? Or am I beautiful because I am a beautiful girl! I always resolved that I am a beautiful girl – full stop. However, there were months I couldn’t see the glass half full. I managed to pass my exams and get out of that horrible experience. Also that experience helped me love my skin colour even more, and made me feel proud for my background and my life experience. But I don’t wish anyone to go through that period in their lives.

So, my position regarding the hm hoodie misadventure is simple: outside influences can't determine my being, my being is determined by my own foundation. So, I can only assume that the mother and the team behind the photoshoot had a laugh during the campaign shoot and didn't the historical issue about the two concoction. The only misfortune for them is that they inner joke backfired on them.

As annoying as I may sound or look in some people's eyes, I weigh every word I say to my children. Words empower them, especially words that we say as parents to them. If their root or foundation is solid then exterior factors will not easily sway their confidence.

For instance as a mother I would buy your monkey here and there t-shirt for my kid.

They subconsciously (I said this because I wasn't in their mind at the time of model search and campaign shoot) cast the wrong model for the hoodie. I'm glad that happened because on the post acclaimed blackout of the Golden Globe Awards issues like this hm printed hoodie remind many that inequality and racism are very prominent in our world.

So, let's imagine that those kids are part of two football (soccer) team and after the game they switch their hoodie, PROBLEM SOLVED!
Now the most important thing to do, as parents, it to make sure our children view themselves in a positive light. Let's encourage them to LAUGH, because THEY ARE BORN ROYAL.

8 Jan 2018


I've started walking every other day so on Saturday when I found myself in a negative situation I removed myself for a walk. When people comment on issues they don't have full knowledge about can be frustrating.

I want to live in Ephesians this month.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny.

On the beach people and dogs were out for their own potion of morning freshness. The weaves were foamy and wild but not as wild has they've been lately. It was mind healing walk, came back home in peace.

The children stayed in the PJ until I got back.
I found them upstairs reading their children Bible. For this Christmas the youth leader from our new church gave a new children's Bible to AOI. She is so pleased about it, she decided that TOI should keep the Jesus's Storybook as his own special Bible. I feel so blessed for this scenes.

As I tell them they are God's masterpiece created for a greater purpose.

I remember my favourite children's Bible was the red Jehovah Witness Bible that my Grandfather gave to me. I looked at some pictures and made up story from the images, sometimes we laughed. One of my favourite stories was Daniel in the lions' den and AOI loves that one too.

Saturday afternoon we went for another walk as a family because we couldn't make it in time for the swimming pool. AMI and I talked about few issues and we sealed with a peace kiss. AOI saw us being friendly like that and she came running for a hug. So all hugged in a big heartfelt family hug.

That goes to show hot observant our little ones are, especially the uber sensitive ones, even when we think they are not listening they are. In the evening AMI went to Cyprus.

Sunday both children wanted to rest at home instead of going to church. After getting them dressed I opted to stay home and tidy up. I went into their room to find AOI reading a story from the Bible. That reminded me what the Bible says: "You need just to be still." God will lead the path.

In the afternoon, soon after lunch, we went for a walk in Woodbury common, a very lovely place, it reminded me of Cranberry Flats. I can't wait to go for a walk another time with the children. They love nature so into nature we will go again.

How was your first week of the year?

5 Jan 2018


HAPPY 2018. 

How was your first week of the year? 

Mine was filled with gratitude. 

I went for a walk by the sea front early in the morning. In the afternoon, after lunch, I joined the family for another walk on the beach to welcome the year. The children ran and played in the sand which was blowing so strong we felt like flying.

When fiction collide with reality.
I went to London to meet a friends who was visiting UK from Canada. It was so fun to visit some of my favourite places with them.

Whilst I was waiting for them at the coach station I decided to take a photo of this sweet cake shop, so popular on IG. Which I've been passing by since August but never had the time to stop by.
Then I saw this scene that reminded of the Nosedive episode in Black Mirror. 
Have you ever watched the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror? The main character buy the cutest cookie, she bites it and then takes a photo but she doesn't eat even though her caption describes everything as heaven, even the coffee tastes disgusting. Are you authentic or are you faking authentic on social media for a like?

The children returned to school.

Before they got back I decided to do a captured self portrait inspired a book cover I saw back in 2004. TOI has decided to not cut his hair and have it the same as his age (I don't know what he means by that).

I walked a very cheerful AOI to school.
In the morning when I called her to come get ready for school she jokingly said "I don't want to go to school." she got dressed and we were ahead of time for school.

After school drop off I went for my new routine, walking for one hour on the sea front.
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