31 Jan 2018


This month I learnt few lessons. I'll list five points.

  • This month taught me that I can start working on anything today rather than tomorrow. START TODAY INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR TOMORROW
  • I learnt that I should start stepping into my creative journey with more boldness because I don't have nothing to fear. Though others are already doing similar things to what I would like to contribute to I should just do it because my lifestyle is a blessing from God and to glorify His name I can share it

  • I concluded that it would be so nice to start each month with the same enthusiasm as we expect when a new year rolls in because each month is a new opportunity to do-over.

  • I also learnt that I have to let fear sit still as I drive my dreams to the finish line because passion and dreams pursued in Christ are worth pursuing for, it's the purpose I'm called to accomplish.

  • I learnt that I have to press on even when my thoughts about my purpose seem to overwhelm me because I WON'T ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING BY MY OWN  POWER BUT BY THE POWER OF OUR LORD.

In the media Beyonce showed us the really of motherhood. That in her pursue she doesn't have hot sauce but juice box and fruity jellies. She can have all the grammys and all that bling but she just one of us when it comes to having a kid. Blue rules Bey and JZ's world.




Where should I begin...

From the conversation with the man who says "I don't like White people... White people are wicked?" Or from the conversation with the man who says "Black people from Africa are stupid and they never invented anything important...?"

Or should I write about the situation in which a man talks to me as a equal sister and then once he finds out that I am married to a White man his attitude changes towards me? And says "I am not racist, but, but... African men are jealous of their women..."

Years ago, one of my cousins told me "You don't know what people are saying behind your back because you are dating your boyfriend." Probably, they were thinking that been with a White man I've lost my identity... Lost to a different world, that I would never look back or go back to Africa.

But that is not me, because although my heart is for my "White" Hubby, I haven't lost my identity. In fact, I am the same person who wrote in 1994 Africa, I shall come back. I love Africa more than ever, and Hubby has been to Ghana and he loves it too. One day we will go there but that doesn't mean I will regret my life in Italy or Britain or in Canada. And learning that History doesn't mean one have to hate everyone with the same colour of those who committed evil in other worlds.

I feel blessed to be Black African, who has experienced different ways of life. I would like to teach my children to learn to love who they are. To embrace both Ghanaian and British culture, to be able to be free and never let people box them. I would like them to see the difference between people and not judge people as a group. I would like them to view people as humans and not Black, Yellow, Red and White.

Humans are humans.

I see people as people... I don't think I have ever thought about my colour too much... yes, I have been subjected to racial abuses but I never lower myself to that level. Yes, I love to be Black but colour doesn't define me.

27 Jan 2018


Travelling needn’t be expensive, always plane taking adventures. For me going into my backyard, figuratively, is even a trip. With the children we always discover something.

Saturday they played on the teach a bit because the weather was not too cold. The was a rainbow in the sky and it gave some ideas.

On Sunday morning  I took the children for a quick exploring adventure before church. We walked towards the marina and as we turned into the the little beach we saw some canoeists setting off to sea. The children marvelled at the scene. Little boy shouted “AOI, look, pirates.” It was exciting just watching the stamina to be in the canoe on that cloud cold morning. The children cheer them on and the lead canoeist, amused by TOI’s enthusiasm about seeing ‘pirates’ so early in the morning, he begins to sing “What you going to do with a drunken sailors early in the morning.”

That really taught me something, cold or wet off they went on the canoe for their morning row.

I went to church alone, nice service on the historical research of the book of Luke.

After lunch we went to explore another part of Woodbury Common, the invisible fort. We preferred climbing wood and walking through the wood.  

Combining some old and new photos.

24 Jan 2018


Why Do You Blog?
I've mentioned in passing the reason why I started using social media. Today I want to share a bit more.

I started my blog to document my journey towards motherhood. As a wanna-be planner I set myself the goal to PLAN my journey towards motherhood by focusing on my fitness and health pre- during- and post Preggo.

I also I thought that there is no harm in trying to be prepared because many of us plan their BIG wedding day because it is one day only and we want it to be special. I remember three years before I got married I started dreaming about my ideal wedding and I started to put those ideas on paper (in the process I bought loads of magazines). 

So I saw the journey of becoming parents very important. I wanted to plan OUR (Hubby +I) life changing experience (parenthood). To have the best body, best mind and best heart before I am mummy! I know I can’t manipulate destiny but as it is written in the Bible: “seek and you will be given...” and this was my innovative way of seeking.

I wanted to de-stress undercover, because becoming a mother is it not an easy decision. You have to give up many things and for me being fit is very important. I want to be able to enjoy my children at my best healthy life. I had so many question in my mind and I was not prepared to torment my family with them therefore having a blog was the best one.

When I started, they have been times that I broke down because it did not take the usual one month to get pregnant and I was still worried. Deep down I questioned: What if I am ... (do you know the scary WORD I can’t say)? Would it hurt...(to push)? Would my body swell up? How can I get my stress under control and still be fit and healthy for my journey!

What is the one thing you would advice me to do before getting P.? And again what else should I do when I am preggo? I am not thinking about career adjustments but I am wondering if I should really jump into to motherhood instead of getting my career started after my Degree? Or should I work after I am preggo? (I know I want to be mummy first) Am I going to be SAHM or WAHM? Which is the best birth? Homey, caesarean or al natural...? Would I be a green mum or techno mum? Am I going to be a good mother? What is Crunchy?...

So I blogged because, although I have journals, sometimes I want to get feedback on some of these queries.

My blog is a platform on which I can ask other mums/future-mums to share their experiences with me and give me answers to some of my many questions (which I might not feel like asking my family). I thought some people might think that writing a blog about my TTC journey is STUPID and some might think I am showing off, but it has proven to be as practical, smart and just the right place to keep my SANITY.
As you can read, I had many questions wandering my mind; some have been answered by you, my readers - THANK YOU for that. But I still have many more questions to come. This passion to question can be taunting for people in real life, because they find me boring when I pose philosophical random questions. They look at me as if I am mad, even Hubby sometimes makes some faces :). Sometimes I question myself... :D!

But blogging keep me sane and safe from my thoughts. Too many unsaid words in the mind make one confused.

This is my blog and the words on it are my tool of survival, and this is why I blog.
As I wrote somewhere “Life is unpredictable, you never know how it will end up;” it has been a roller coaster but I'm here to testify that though the journey maybe bumpy at time it's all well within the soul because the foundation I stand is strong in Jesus.  

23 Jan 2018


TOI turned 4 years old Monday.

"You know mum, sometimes I think school is fun because it's actually fun." that's the first thing he told me after he came in my bed for his morning cuddles. He woke up at 6:45am. He sleeps through the night and he is fully potty trained since last summer.

When I asked him what he wanted to for breakfast, he said pancakes, I was thinking to prepare for pancakes for him, our Canadian tradition. His grandfather happily prepared some pancakes for us. 

AOI was such a helpful big sister, she took care of him, brushing his hair for him and serving him the pancakes. She is really adorable.

Going to school was easily accepted by him, in fact he said he is ready for kindergarten. It was a relief to see him cheerful to go to school. He pretended that his school is a different planet and he likes it.

I baked him a banana cake, his favourite. 

To celebrate my milestone as mother of a 4 and 6 years olds I did some self portraits.

On a different note, I noticed how unproductive I'm when my focus shifts from God to what is in vogue, social media. It was a bit worrying because the imagine of the woman in Black Mirror, the social media episode, is a continuos reminder of what our world is turning into.

G. came back from Ghana and he came to visit us on Friday for the day. He came to pick few things from his suitcase and his computer for USA. I really pray God will reveal to him his true created value and allow him to see the plans He has for him so G. will focus less on what he sees for himself.

One thing he really wanted to do before going to take the bus was going for a walk by the marina.


She sat there opened a chapter book and began to read to her door

 portrait of a mother of two

 How old are you? 4

 both AOI and TOI started swimming lessons

after school drop off I went for my morning walks. my favourite

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