15 Jan 2018


My heart cries, but it rejoices to see your personality bloom.

4 years old, a world traveller, a clever boy who is accepting that your he is a masterpiece created by God. I'm proud of you, of the little loving person you are. You can be naughty, especially when you want something and start crying your fake cries that turn into a laughter a second later.

I've been so nostalgic since the second week of the month, thinking this day is approaching. The year has rushed a bit. I'm stuck in time a bit, especially I can't believe that you're four. Over the time we've been living away from Saskatoon (since July), you've turn into a proper big boy. One of your favourite word is actually. I wonder if you will start behaving differently though I don't think so because I was looking through old photographys and you've changed in size but you are always your old lively, shy guy.

I pray God will keep you under His everlasting blessings.

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