5 Jan 2018


HAPPY 2018. 

How was your first week of the year? 

Mine was filled with gratitude. 

I went for a walk by the sea front early in the morning. In the afternoon, after lunch, I joined the family for another walk on the beach to welcome the year. The children ran and played in the sand which was blowing so strong we felt like flying.

When fiction collide with reality.
I went to London to meet a friends who was visiting UK from Canada. It was so fun to visit some of my favourite places with them.

Whilst I was waiting for them at the coach station I decided to take a photo of this sweet cake shop, so popular on IG. Which I've been passing by since August but never had the time to stop by.
Then I saw this scene that reminded of the Nosedive episode in Black Mirror. 
Have you ever watched the Nosedive episode of Black Mirror? The main character buy the cutest cookie, she bites it and then takes a photo but she doesn't eat even though her caption describes everything as heaven, even the coffee tastes disgusting. Are you authentic or are you faking authentic on social media for a like?

The children returned to school.

Before they got back I decided to do a captured self portrait inspired a book cover I saw back in 2004. TOI has decided to not cut his hair and have it the same as his age (I don't know what he means by that).

I walked a very cheerful AOI to school.
In the morning when I called her to come get ready for school she jokingly said "I don't want to go to school." she got dressed and we were ahead of time for school.

After school drop off I went for my new routine, walking for one hour on the sea front.

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