12 Jan 2018



WEEK 2 of 2018

This week AMI was away for a work trip in Cyprus. The day after he got there he said we should add to the list of places to visit few days later he said there are other interesting places visit. Well, Cyprus was not on my list so I wasn't hurt.

Suddenly TOI is scared of monsters.

For instance to go to the toilet he asks me to sit in front of the bathroom door (opened) so I can looked after him. One morning I was reading messages on my phone when he came to say he needed to go. I told him to go. To which he said "Why don't you come sit by the door? It's better than sitting in bed with your phone." I looked at my invisible self as I thought about this clever little boy who is about to turn four in few days. He answers for everything.

Five minuted before we leave the house and he get water on his school uniform. "Why did you do that?"
"I don't like green trousers. I just like blue and black. I didn't want to wear is the shirt." He said smiling his pulled the lips tight fake smile. I was fuming, so frustrated I was avoiding his eyes. "You won't be cross with me when I turn four."
"I like you TOI, it's your behaviour that gets me frustrated" I explained what has becoming a vintage record. He looks up and his deep sweet brown eyes get me.

Sometimes he says "You are the best chef, doctor

AOI was very pleased with her mood.
On our way to school, on Monday, she looked up at me beaming. She said "I haven't cried at all today. I'm so happy."
"I'm happy to see you happy." I smiled back at her stroking her sweet porcelain face, round cheeks that remind her each day of the little girl she used to be.

That night they kneel down to say their prayers.

I know God is working through them. On Tuesday TOI asked me "Who is belly were you in?"
"My mother."
"And who is belly I in?"
"I was a seed, Jesus created me."

For sometime I've been reminding them of the fact that they are God's masterpiece, created with created purpose."

 I PRAY FOR LORD TO KEEP BLESSING THE CHILDREN so they will know Jesus and He is unconditional and conditional love.

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