23 Jan 2018


TOI turned 4 years old Monday.

"You know mum, sometimes I think school is fun because it's actually fun." that's the first thing he told me after he came in my bed for his morning cuddles. He woke up at 6:45am. He sleeps through the night and he is fully potty trained since last summer.

When I asked him what he wanted to for breakfast, he said pancakes, I was thinking to prepare for pancakes for him, our Canadian tradition. His grandfather happily prepared some pancakes for us. 

AOI was such a helpful big sister, she took care of him, brushing his hair for him and serving him the pancakes. She is really adorable.

Going to school was easily accepted by him, in fact he said he is ready for kindergarten. It was a relief to see him cheerful to go to school. He pretended that his school is a different planet and he likes it.

I baked him a banana cake, his favourite. 

To celebrate my milestone as mother of a 4 and 6 years olds I did some self portraits.

On a different note, I noticed how unproductive I'm when my focus shifts from God to what is in vogue, social media. It was a bit worrying because the imagine of the woman in Black Mirror, the social media episode, is a continuos reminder of what our world is turning into.

G. came back from Ghana and he came to visit us on Friday for the day. He came to pick few things from his suitcase and his computer for USA. I really pray God will reveal to him his true created value and allow him to see the plans He has for him so G. will focus less on what he sees for himself.

One thing he really wanted to do before going to take the bus was going for a walk by the marina.


She sat there opened a chapter book and began to read to her door

 portrait of a mother of two

 How old are you? 4

 both AOI and TOI started swimming lessons

after school drop off I went for my morning walks. my favourite

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