8 Jan 2018


I've started walking every other day so on Saturday when I found myself in a negative situation I removed myself for a walk. When people comment on issues they don't have full knowledge about can be frustrating.

I want to live in Ephesians this month.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny.

On the beach people and dogs were out for their own potion of morning freshness. The weaves were foamy and wild but not as wild has they've been lately. It was mind healing walk, came back home in peace.

The children stayed in the PJ until I got back.
I found them upstairs reading their children Bible. For this Christmas the youth leader from our new church gave a new children's Bible to AOI. She is so pleased about it, she decided that TOI should keep the Jesus's Storybook as his own special Bible. I feel so blessed for this scenes.

As I tell them they are God's masterpiece created for a greater purpose.

I remember my favourite children's Bible was the red Jehovah Witness Bible that my Grandfather gave to me. I looked at some pictures and made up story from the images, sometimes we laughed. One of my favourite stories was Daniel in the lions' den and AOI loves that one too.

Saturday afternoon we went for another walk as a family because we couldn't make it in time for the swimming pool. AMI and I talked about few issues and we sealed with a peace kiss. AOI saw us being friendly like that and she came running for a hug. So all hugged in a big heartfelt family hug.

That goes to show hot observant our little ones are, especially the uber sensitive ones, even when we think they are not listening they are. In the evening AMI went to Cyprus.

Sunday both children wanted to rest at home instead of going to church. After getting them dressed I opted to stay home and tidy up. I went into their room to find AOI reading a story from the Bible. That reminded me what the Bible says: "You need just to be still." God will lead the path.

In the afternoon, soon after lunch, we went for a walk in Woodbury common, a very lovely place, it reminded me of Cranberry Flats. I can't wait to go for a walk another time with the children. They love nature so into nature we will go again.

How was your first week of the year?

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