19 Jan 2018


It rained the whole weekend so we didn't do much. On Saturday AOI decided that she had an idea for a photography project I would like to start with her and TOI. I walked into their room to see her in the window. She stood like a doll so we decide to try few ideas.

I tidied up our bedroom and organized my scarfs and throws. I found my personal colour palette. Everything I wear one can see some of these colours in there.

AOI helped her grandmother cook Sunday meal. We didn't go to church. After lunch we then decided to go to buy a gift for TOI's birthday on the Monday but it was drizzling so and AOI took her cousin's long board that he has just used once when we bought for him some years back.

AOI was able to do it after few attempts but TOI has more room for improvement, but he got determination and stamina.

After a bit of play on the board, we went to the sea for few minutes, until TOI got soaking wet in the sea and wanted to go back inside for a cup of hot chocolate.


When they start escaping your cuddles

 When they set their eyes on your camera from day one

 When you want to be in the frame

When the inspiration strikes

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