27 Jan 2018


Travelling needn’t be expensive, always plane taking adventures. For me going into my backyard, figuratively, is even a trip. With the children we always discover something.

Saturday they played on the teach a bit because the weather was not too cold. The was a rainbow in the sky and it gave some ideas.

On Sunday morning  I took the children for a quick exploring adventure before church. We walked towards the marina and as we turned into the the little beach we saw some canoeists setting off to sea. The children marvelled at the scene. Little boy shouted “AOI, look, pirates.” It was exciting just watching the stamina to be in the canoe on that cloud cold morning. The children cheer them on and the lead canoeist, amused by TOI’s enthusiasm about seeing ‘pirates’ so early in the morning, he begins to sing “What you going to do with a drunken sailors early in the morning.”

That really taught me something, cold or wet off they went on the canoe for their morning row.

I went to church alone, nice service on the historical research of the book of Luke.

After lunch we went to explore another part of Woodbury Common, the invisible fort. We preferred climbing wood and walking through the wood.  

Combining some old and new photos.

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