24 Jan 2018


Why Do You Blog?
I've mentioned in passing the reason why I started using social media. Today I want to share a bit more.

I started my blog to document my journey towards motherhood. As a wanna-be planner I set myself the goal to PLAN my journey towards motherhood by focusing on my fitness and health pre- during- and post Preggo.

I also I thought that there is no harm in trying to be prepared because many of us plan their BIG wedding day because it is one day only and we want it to be special. I remember three years before I got married I started dreaming about my ideal wedding and I started to put those ideas on paper (in the process I bought loads of magazines). 

So I saw the journey of becoming parents very important. I wanted to plan OUR (Hubby +I) life changing experience (parenthood). To have the best body, best mind and best heart before I am mummy! I know I can’t manipulate destiny but as it is written in the Bible: “seek and you will be given...” and this was my innovative way of seeking.

I wanted to de-stress undercover, because becoming a mother is it not an easy decision. You have to give up many things and for me being fit is very important. I want to be able to enjoy my children at my best healthy life. I had so many question in my mind and I was not prepared to torment my family with them therefore having a blog was the best one.

When I started, they have been times that I broke down because it did not take the usual one month to get pregnant and I was still worried. Deep down I questioned: What if I am ... (do you know the scary WORD I can’t say)? Would it hurt...(to push)? Would my body swell up? How can I get my stress under control and still be fit and healthy for my journey!

What is the one thing you would advice me to do before getting P.? And again what else should I do when I am preggo? I am not thinking about career adjustments but I am wondering if I should really jump into to motherhood instead of getting my career started after my Degree? Or should I work after I am preggo? (I know I want to be mummy first) Am I going to be SAHM or WAHM? Which is the best birth? Homey, caesarean or al natural...? Would I be a green mum or techno mum? Am I going to be a good mother? What is Crunchy?...

So I blogged because, although I have journals, sometimes I want to get feedback on some of these queries.

My blog is a platform on which I can ask other mums/future-mums to share their experiences with me and give me answers to some of my many questions (which I might not feel like asking my family). I thought some people might think that writing a blog about my TTC journey is STUPID and some might think I am showing off, but it has proven to be as practical, smart and just the right place to keep my SANITY.
As you can read, I had many questions wandering my mind; some have been answered by you, my readers - THANK YOU for that. But I still have many more questions to come. This passion to question can be taunting for people in real life, because they find me boring when I pose philosophical random questions. They look at me as if I am mad, even Hubby sometimes makes some faces :). Sometimes I question myself... :D!

But blogging keep me sane and safe from my thoughts. Too many unsaid words in the mind make one confused.

This is my blog and the words on it are my tool of survival, and this is why I blog.
As I wrote somewhere “Life is unpredictable, you never know how it will end up;” it has been a roller coaster but I'm here to testify that though the journey maybe bumpy at time it's all well within the soul because the foundation I stand is strong in Jesus.  


  1. I like that you had a clear focus since you started blogging. All the advice will help you grow & be more prepared each day to bring a baby into the world.

    I will stick around to give my two cents on your questions, to offer support and to read your always lovely posts!

    I'm sure you will reach your mark...and have the baby when you fell the right time comes.

  2. I am so happy you will be there :). Thank you Chic Mama.

  3. It never hurts to ask for advice or input! ;)

    I think it's a practical idea to blog your journey to motherhood - you may learn things up front that others had to learn the hard way or be prepared for things that took others by surprise.

  4. I think it's neat to document your journey--it's also keeping record of your emotions (even worries) that you can one day look back on and share with your future kiddos. Blogging keeps me sane. By just reading my blog title at times reminds me to stay positive.

  5. Already a follower! Hope you reach your 300 today! Good job on Back2Blogging assignment, you do your homework! :)


  6. Hi....really glad I stopped by your blog...found it on SITS and thought I would try and help you reach the 300 - I am still striving to reach 200. Anyway glad to be a follower and look forward to reading your posts. Even though I have not spoke about my pregnancy much on my blog I am due on Tuesday and very excited.
    Anyway lovely blog

    Laura x

  7. I blog for my sanity as well! It's so much better than opening fire at the supermarket.

    I'm your newest follower.


  8. You have been chosen to receive the One Lovely Blog Reward!! Head over to my blog to get your reward!!

  9. Thanks everyone for helping me in this journey.

  10. Mommy Katie, I accept the award with full heart :)

  11. This is great what you are doing, by learning and asking questions and preparing for motherhood. It is a hard journey and also a delightful one.

  12. I blog because I love words, I love writing and I love sharing. That's it!! The added bonus is community. I think it's awesome that we can share our experiences and learn from each other.


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