16 Jan 2018


Summer 2017 in London you say? Yep, I have long overdue posts that I have to share, so I thought it's never too late.

I had all the best intentions in this world to write each time I'm travelling to the destinations on my list during this sabbatical year but life must be lived. So after a long day of exploring, taking care of the children and relaxing, it was difficult to do much travel updates. INSTAGRAM is the best place to keep yourself up to day into glimpses of our life.

So back in July, on the third week of our sabbatical year abroad (because now we call home Canada), being in UK I had to go see my nephew that I haven't seen since he was born and my niece whom I last saw in 2009. All the children were excited to meet each other.

One day I booked a megabus ticket and together with the children, AMI was in Canada for that week, we went to London. We were hyped. My father in law as always commented on my travelling arrangements because he thinks I carry too much. I only had one two little suitcases and three backpacks.

We took the bus which was exciting for the children because they haven't been on a bus in such a long time. We travelled all the way to Thamesmead, where my sister in law met me at the train station. It was tiring but the children were amazing. They are truly the best travellers.

The following day we planned a day trip to central London. First stop was London Eye. Then Buckingham Palance via St. James Park, we walked past Westminster and through the change of guards field. We concluded our trip at Trafalgar Square. The funny thing is we took some photos on the lions, the girls sat on it, but we didn't set the camera properly.

The birth of the fake bloggers, lol!

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