6 Feb 2018


Some time back I read a writer's comment saying she doesn't understand why some writers document their life. Why they waste their time sharing glimpses of their life instead using their platform to build up their readership. She said who cares about what you ate at breakfast. Instead writers should use their blog and presence online to talk about their book and writing process.

Maybe she was right. Who cares that this morning I had the unwanted sixteen crust of my children toast. That I drunk the soya milk they refused to drink because they don't like soya milk which is strange because they drink it when they have it with cheerios, for the boy, or porridge, for the girl.

I do, I do care.

I do share glimpses of my life because as I get older my memory gets shorter and there was a time during this motherhood journey that felt lonely. Reading other blogs and making friendship with other women online made it less isolating. So, I would like that any other person who happens on my blog to know that there are not alone in theIR struggles. That life is worth it, and they should look at positive side of life.

It would be lovely to read the journey of some writers mothers that I admire. I would like to know what the ate this morning or what they will prepare for dinner. How they combine the struggle and beauty of motherhood, relationship with their passion for writing. I would like to know that they are human just like me, that between diaper change and tantrum fixes, date planning, they find the space in their mind and home to write their best seller.

If you think about it, once the books are written and they are shelved, many would know your skills but what would you leave for your children. I love preserving these tiny memories for my children, so they will know the mother not only the author or photographer. As a writer journaling keeps my mind sharp, clear. The more I write in my journals the more I want to write the stories I'm called to share with the world. Journaling triggers my creative.

I love journaling and use my platform as a journal for the above. The more I think about the more I would encourage people to journal. Journaling is the journey to heal the soul, to get rid of toxic thoughts, to refresh. To get inspired. One doesn't have to keep a blog-journal, one can write their thoughts on a diary (which I do as well) and revisit again and again. There is always so much to discover, to see how things have evolved, how far you've come.

Also, journaling makes me appreciate the little details about life. When I pick my journal and read some details, that I forget after many days or years away from the event, make me relive those moments and feel happy or glad for where I'm right now. I smile.


I observe my daughter in her bed. She puts all her cuddly toys, she chose earlier, orderly in her bed. "Pickle goes here, Cutie you go here. Bear here." Gosh,  six year old, so little still but so getting older, someday she will not want to play with cuddly toys. I think soon she won't like to be seen near a cuddly, would it be when she is 8 or 12 years old, who knows but for now I love to see her just as my little tall six year old girl.

 I like documenting her love for school days in UK. Her love for cursive writing and lunch meals, especially custard.

I like documenting how my little boy wakes up in the middle of night, smiling, telling me he had a very funny dream, around 3:20am. Tells me that when there is a full moon it's so bright in the sky, he says this because there is a missing curtain on one of the windows in the room.

"This is making me hungry." He says getting out of bed. He brings the stone, the one he pretends is a skeleton skull, that he went to bed with the previous night. He comes to me, I'm sitting at the desk in his room, I've been up since 3am writing, I went to bed early as 10:30pm.
"What is making you hungry?" I asks turning away from the laptop. We walk towards my room, Daddy fast asleep on the other side of the bed. AOI in deep sleep in her bed.
"The moon. It makes me want to eat because it looks like cheese." I smile within. We go on my side of the bed and I cuddle him to sleep. After a while he says "I don't know what to do."
"Try to sleep." I suggest. He starts to wail quietly.
"What is it?" I asked kissing his forehead.
"I want something to eat."
"Let's go downstairs and find something for you."
"I want cream cracker."
"It's finished."
"Do you want a bournon cream cookie." I say because he was pointing that direction.
"No, I can't eat sweet at night, my super powers will go away."
"I see." well I don't see but I guess he is the hero and I don't sleep hero terms.
"I can have that." he points at the cheerios box. I pour some into a bowl. I add soya milk. He devours it.

I lift him up from his sit after he finishes. He grabs his stone and together we make our way back to bed at 4am.


  1. We are writers, but we are also bloggers. Sometimes they are one and the same, and sometimes they aren't but this desire to share is what makes us writers also bloggers. I've been journaling since I was 9. Why? I just need to. Some people will never understand the need. I am thrilled to have this running memoir of special times on my own little space on the internet.

    1. Totally agree "I am thrilled to have this running memoir of special times on my own little space on the internet." I remember when I started I was scared but it has helped me a lot and has made meet so many lovely ladies just like yourself


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