15 Mar 2018


Until December 2016, I wouldn't have understood the meaning of the above proverb. I didn't know how to guard my precious heart. The saying goes time is the best healer. But after years nothing was changing, in fact I was beginning to give up on people. I loved hard, did things for others without expectations. Yet, I held tightly to past wrong doings I've made to others and vice versa.

Then I opened the door of my heart to Christ. The coldness my heart was subjected to, for years, started to thaw. Since then, after so many years holding onto things, I started allow God to have His way in my life, my heart.

I'm not perfect but I see God at work in me.

Now, I feel awake and I know that Lord created me with a passionate heart for a good purpose. He has good things planned for it and I don't need to hold onto past mistakes. I see the meaning of the cross, I have everything that was holding me down nailed to the cross and I want to pick it up and follow Jesus. He asked me to forgive people as He has already done to my past mistakes. He wants goodness for me, just as a mother I want my children to guard their heart, so my Heavenly Father wants me, you and everyone to guard our heart.

Love deeply, forgive quickly and let go of past mistakes, you are forgiven as soon as you believe the sacrifice Jesus did for our love.

Dear children, your heart is pure like crystal water on a sunny morning. Let's your Creator hold onto it with His love, don't allow the world to turn it into an ice.

I pray for each and everyone of you, may God thaw your heart like ice on candle.

I know Jesus is alive because since I said yes to Him I have feel him breathing in me, turning my icy heart into a puddle.

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