Running with Roselle: A Book Review

29 Mar 2014

running with roselle
Finally I can write about Running with Roselle, the memoir by Michael Hingson, a 9/11 survivor. I accepted to review this book because I thought the story was very inspirational and I wanted to know a bit more about Mike's childhood story.
Michael spent most of his school days sitting around and he was discriminated against. He spent his summer riding a bike to the dismay of his neighbours, only because he was born blind. But his parents allowed him to be just like any other kid, without institutionalizing him like other people would have likes. He was an Eagle Scout. He went to Cal as a physics major (where he was known to drive a car around campus from time to time). He overcame all the obstacles in his life and achieved what people thought him impossible to. And, as he grew older, that never changed.
Also in this book, parallel to Michael's story, is the story of Roselle of how from just a normal puppy she was trained to become a guide dog. It's amazing hard the have to train to become a good guide to a blind person. They always have to put into the foreground the need of the person in their care over the desire to play.
For me this book is a well woven story of friendship and of hope. The moral of this memoir is never judge or discriminate a person and an animal without getting to know them first.
I don't want to give away too much of the story because it's a book worth reading.

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