A Journaled Life: Everyday Is A Chance To...

12 Jan 2016

Excerpt from my journal

On my vision board there is phrase that reads EVERYDAY IS A CHANCE TO..., I've completed the sentence with words such as shine, be daring, be an inspiration.. I want to be brave and live my best life yet, so my mindset doesn't even allow me fathom the idea that any of the things on my vision board is going to be a stretch for me.

... if I take each day as a blank new page then there will be no stretch but a lesson learned.

I'm working on a journaling workshop and I'm taking the challenge hosted by Regina Collins at a journaled life to sit down as much as possible to reflect on our personal life.

Above is the prompt she encourages everyone to journal on: Which goal, resolution, priority or value have you made that will stretch you the most this year?
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